Copper Wire
Copper Wire is a metal and is used in electric and electronics Compounds, so that it can flow electricity very easily as it is a good conductor of electricity, this is a type of a metal in which there are many types of contents present in the same and it is cadmium free copper as well as also know with the name “ Electrolyte Copper” which is 100 % pure.
Bare copper wire is complex shape wire and cable. Bare copper wire in use as overhead power source for subways, light and heavy transit systems, electrically powered mine trains, buses, and industrial cranes. The bare copper wire likely also touches conduit, and other similar things etc.
This product is used as round copper wire in manufacturing wire & cable and electric machine & appliance.

The product specification: 0.10mm~0.30mm. Package instruction: four - cun wire coil twining, paper box' dampproof package
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